Sokoban PC-8801 (English)

Published: 2022 June 02

Have you ever wondered what Sokoban 1 says on its main menu?

I asked my Japanese friend Mr Takatoshi and he gave me a direct English translation.

Now we know that the warehouse keeper's job was part-time :)

Sokoban 1 (PC-8801) english title

Also, he added some cool features for fun:

  1. Fixed a bug related to designated locations.
  2. Different options to make the breakable walls visible.
  3. Added features from the MULTI-8 port like sound effects and show the warehouse number in the gameplay.

Sokoban 1 (PC-8801) English options

Sokoban 1 (PC-8801) English level 12 breakable walls reverse colour

Sokoban 1 (PC-8801) English level 14 breakable walls arrow + reverse colour

Because I need permission to distribute the original source code, I only share specific changes/requirements in the patch format.

Download Patch