Sokoban 1 PC-8801 (port from MULTI-8)

Published: 2022 May 22

The August 1984 issue of “POPCOM” printed the Program List of Sokoban for MULTI-8 and the port for FM-7, Sharp-X1, PC-8801, PC-9801, Mitsubishi-S1, PASOPIA 7.

The PC-8801 port is slightly different from the commercial tape version in the main menu. In the gameplay, it shows the number of the warehouse. It also includes sound effects for walking and for the following situations:

  1. When each warehouse stage is solved.
  2. When the game is over.

Sokoban 1 (PC-8801) (POPCOM 1984 issue 8 version) main menu

Sokoban 1 (PC-8801) (POPCOM 1984 issue 8 version) level 1